In the interplay between object and title, the paradigms of re-/productivity are called into question. The pregnancy test inevitably refers to maternity, but the result of the test differs depending on who is looking at it and whether it gives rise to relief or regret. In this case, the negative test is a precondition for continuing an artistic career, but only at the expense of motherhood. In this sense, the title is an ironic reference to the level of commitment and personal sacrifice required for being an artist which is difficult to reconcile with being a mother. At the same time, the pregnancy test alludes to the numerous projects that never see the light of day as a consequence of failed attempts or due to a lack of resources. AP (Artist’s Proof) thus challenges our understanding of success and failure in both artistic production and sexual reproduction. What does it mean to re-/produce—and what are the stakes of posing this question?
Text by: Lisa Deml